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          2. Dafeng Tiansheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(Dafeng Huashu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)
            Bulk drug
            UV adsorbent
            Light stabiliser
            Category: HALS
            CAS No.: 2403-89-6
            Chemical name: 1,2,2,6,6-Pentamethyl-4-piperidinol
            Molecular formula: C10H21NO
            Molecular weight: 171.30
            Structural formula:
            Technical index:
            appearance white plate solid
            content(GC) 99.0%min
            melting point 72-76℃
            ash content 0.1%max
            Application: Main intermediate of hindered amine light stabilizer and in synthetic hindered amine light stabilizer
            Packaging: 20kg fiber can or according to customer requirements
            Storage: in seal, in dry and in dark
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